Food Delivery

You know what annoys me about meal home delivery? When it takes one hour to bloody process one kebab and a burger.

I am ordering my dinner from the same place where I got my last pizza with grease dripping down my hand. I’m just hungry and I do not feel like cooking. I could order from some place else, but I can’t be bothered to spend the next 5 pounds on something I am not going to eat just to be eligible for delivery. And this place was also the very same place where my pizza was delivered 2 hours late in January. Oh I remember. When you get in between my stomach and my food. You will be remembered. But that delivery thing was some time ago, they fixed it the last time I needed food so bad and had no choice but to order from them because other places could only deliver past a certain time. And amazingly they delivered an over-greased pizza earlier than expected. Hence, the reason why I am not ordering pizza this time. Lets see if their kebabs and burgers are soaked in grease too.

I don’t understand this policy of 45 minutes to 1 hour until they reach my door. Also I saw this place, Cha Cha’s, which is just across the road. Like, its practically outside. Walk out my door, cross the zebra-crossing and I shall be right in this place. Its up on the home delivery site too. I think delivery starts at 5 or something. But damn how they’ll react if I actually order from them, having them walk to my place just across the road for GBP1.00 to knock on my door? They’ll probably hate.


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