Let’s sail, shall we?

I’m sailing. It will only be sooner until the anchor stops scrapping the seafloors. I’ve been brave.

I did this this morning when I got back from the library. Refreshing. Anyway, until I realised its sipping out my ink and I stopped because I need ink in my pen for exams. Ha!

I am procrastinating, as usual. A friend asked me, what am I going to do now, so I said:

I’m going to sail. Life goes on. My boat is sailing. I’ll go where the wind takes me.

You know you can’t choose what stays and what fades. So that’s my take. It’s a new beginning. This should be interesting. What God has for me. And this wouldn’t be a long post, cos I’m mostly a little disappointed in myself for procrastinating like a boss. And sleeping, all rolled up in bed the entire day. Well, in my subconscious, manipulative, sleepy-mind I’ve had a long productive night at the library. So I figured I deserved it. Not at all. Not really. Also Mitchell has e-mailed us, saying the second assignment’s out and ready for collection. He said we could be disappointed in our results, cos the standards are low this time – He said we seem to have suffered from the Second-Semester syndrome. Haha! Oh you bet. But anyway I am a bit less excited now. So, awkay..

So I’m gone, back to revising.


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