Don’t even think about it.

I am still at the library. And procrastinating every now and then. I have decided that the next time I get hungry, I will head home. I’ve just had an over-priced lunch bought at the Robinson Library’s cafe. At least its healthy. I did not expect the cafe to operate on weekends. And I am actually quite surprised at the number of students at the library right now. There’s a lot. Like a crowd – I swear to God. I’ve been here for 12 hours so I managed to get a room for myself, so Alhamdulillah for that. I wouldn’t be able to concentrate otherwise.

Anyway. People selling cats annoy me. Cats for sale. Don’t these people have anything else to sell? It irritates me, it provokes me. I don’t like it, at all. Not a bit. I have too many things to say that its all clogged up in my head, that its just soooooo difficult to even express how this upsets me. My cousin once told me and my sister that she is selling her cat, and asked if we wanted to buy it?! Are you fucking kidding me? Get the fuck out of my face. We love cats, we adopt them. We don’t want to fucking get involved in this very ignorant, animal-trading. Poor, little things.


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