The grand finale

I am at the library again. An obvious sign of procrastination. So anyway. I though I couldn’t care less about writing anymore about my recent personal-life crisis. But I do believe that its worth a post. It is amazing how one grand conversation gives me an overview of the entirety of a whole relationship, over the past two-plus years. And then you realise what you really want. Is not this. So I am thankful that I have got every piece of the puzzle, and damn it frees me even more.  In my previous post I said the anchor still scraps the sea floor. Now, it is free. I know it is so difficult to believe how easy it is to fly. It is easy, when you have all the answers, when you have completed the puzzle. It is done. I am so happy. We are still friends, we had closure. And now even the idea of being with him sort-of freaks me out. Friend-zoned?

It is so strange how our rollercostic-journey had been going for two-plus years, we’ve never really been apart. And especially we’ve grown so strong this term – that now its just over. And apparently we are both mutually happy for where we are now – I mean, for the decision of going our separate ways. Is just unbelievable. Indeed our time will be cherished. Our closure was one great, grand finale (:

I can’t even believe how happy I am. Remember the times where I do not want this more than anything? And then there were times where it seems so right? And then it sheds a light that I do not want this for a different reason than what it was. I am not very sure what it is. But I am happy for myself. Alhamdulillah.

And in all of my prayers – I prayed for God to give him His guidance and His light. And I think God has answered me. Alhamdulillah. I am so happy for him (:


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