Nothing in Particular

Assalamualaikum. Hello? I am procrastinating for all I know. I am not quite sure what this post is going to be about but, well see. I am still doing my Event Management revision, more specific – structuring my answers. I am going to be beat revising one semester worth of Advanced Marketing Communication materials. Anyway, I’ve been feeling so warm lately, like beautiful warm. Lets just say, wonderful (:

I am so extremely nervous when I think about my dissertation. If you know me very well I take pride in my own work, and you can feel my confidence flow through my words. But with my dissertation – I just don’t know. InsyAllah. There are other things that I am insanely panicking about. Packing my stuff for shipment, and applying for my masters. I haven’t done anything that could guarantee my security.

Wow. I have really let myself lose this year huh? What happened to organising? (;


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