An unnecessary feeling of discomfort

Have I mentioned about how concerned I am about my dissertation? If I have, then  this is going to be annoying. I don’t usually bother myself with whatever that has or have passed – where there is nothing that I could do to change. So this dissertation-brooding is somewhat exceptional. I am not very sure why. But I feel slightly nervous. This adverse feeling is just annoying me, so I might as well write about it and see where it gets me. Sometimes writing helps me realise how useless this is and helps knock some sense into me. I am not the kind that whines and wastes my energy about the past – So this is just so weird. Although I am thankful that my worry is very slight. Like a feeling of discomfort, you know, anxiety? Though I don’t feel it all the time, only sometimes when something reminds me of it, and then when it triggers me to reminisce those chaotic days of hard-labour. Out of all projects and assignments, my dissertation had to be the one that I don’t feel too confident about. How tragic is that?

Alexander McQueen

I have not logged in to Facebook for a couple of days now, and not even Tumblr. Very impressive. Alhamdulillah. But I’ve been blogging more than ever. But that’s fine. I should get back to revision now.


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