Making Money on Instagram – Scam?

OMG. Its been a while since I last posted. How is everyone doing? I am thinking of getting active with blogging again. I haven’t really had taken the time to sit and think to what really happened to me with my blogging activities. I have gradually isolated myself, and disappeared to a place far far away. Sorry. I had a hard time trying to log in earlier on, because I have forgotten my log in details! That’s how long I’ve been away. I’m embarking on a very interesting journey, I cannot promise it will be easy and all happy. But its going to be a mixture of excitement, anxiety, and everything in between up and down. I am thrilled. Alhamdulillah.

Anyways. I originally wanted to talk about a fad that has been going on on Instagram (IG) for a while (and for the past few weeks, as for me). There’s been numerous times I’ve been added by these random people on IG – and when I went to their profiles to check, there’s a number of things that they all have in common. They usually have only approximately, around 2-15 pictures on their account, and they always have something like; “..I make money with my my iPhone 5 or 4 or with my smartphone” on the description space, with a link to go to. I’m pretty sure most of us would get skeptical or maybe, automatically think it is a scam. So this morning, after waking up to another bunch of random people on IG with nearly similar profile descriptions, plus a link to go to; as I lay on my bed I have finally decided to investigate this phenomena. I went to check the link (after preparing myself with the possibilities of getting hacked or getting my gadget infected by virus) in my case it was, InstaProfitGram (IPG). The site simply gives you information about how much you can make every month, stuff like that. But nothing in details about how it works. So it wasn’t helpful (to me) at all.

And then, I stumbled upon this video, which sort of answered everything I was curious about. The guy in the video didn’t specifically speak about, or refer to IPG though, but something similar to it. If you’re actually interested in these kind of things, you can do more research on it. But I was only interested in what it is as a whole as I am being spammed with add requests to my IG account for the past many days, so on my part everything has been detailed and summed up in that one video. Either way, I still suggest you watch it if you are somewhere in between skeptical to interested, or just plain curious (:

Anyway, I am thinking of getting a compact digital camera. My DSLR is way too bulky to take around, not fun when I just want to randomly point and shoot, y’know.


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