A warm kind-of conversation.

I went out to meet an old friend today, somebody who used to be so special to me. It was a nice, warm kind-of conversation. Catching up and reminiscing about old times. That was the first time we met, properly, after disappearing from each other’s lives over six years ago. It was a mixture of so many emotions; sadness, warmth, happiness, relief. So all that together, is not really describable, but a good feeling. Something that lingers in your head for a while. It was some sort of a closure. But we both know there were too many things to talk about, for closure, that wasn’t enough.

Its funny how after six years, now we question what really happened to us? Well, all in all, it was good to see him again. We have both moved on, but I guess because of how we both sailed without saying goodbyes or anything, and left each other hanging, that’s why it was a bit strange, a nice kind of strange. Re-visiting who we were, our choices, and our lives. How we’ve not really changed so much, and how we’re still comfortable talking to each other. But what made me smile, is that how he told me about his life, like a splurge of things that happened between six years ago and now, like a talking timeline. It was a really really good talk, and it wasn’t really enough. So many things. I guess that was a reflection of how damn close we were (:

InsyAllah, until next time.


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