I am so extremely pissed right now. The university has just sent me an email (out of the bunch that they have sent me before) about my pattern of absence. Yes I have been absent a number of times before the Easter vacation which was over a fucking month ago. And that has been sorted out, or that’s what I thought.

And a month later, lectures commence. I have not been absent since, and the university is still sending me e-mails about it. Which I extremely do not understand the fuck is going on. Last week (first week of term after vacation) they sent me an e-mail regarding my pattern of absent from last month, and said I should discuss it with my personal tutor if my absence was due to personal extenuating circumstances. And I DID.

The reason why I couldn’t fill up the Absent Notification Form is because my reasons were not suitable for it, since they only accept sickness or something. And my reason is because a lecturer was inapt to lecture, and I was better off studying at home. I apologise that I expected more from top 20 university in the Great Britain.

And today they sent me another email about my absence from the 11th of March to 19 of April – WHTAIHDIUDHIOUFOIE?!?!?!??!?! First of all 11th of March was over a month ago! And I have not been absent after the uni commences teaching on the 15th of APRIL, THEREFORE I HAVE NOT BEEN ABSENT SINCE. AND SECOND OF ALL BETWEEN 15th of MARCH and the 15th of APRIL, I WAS HAVING MY EASTER BREAK EATING A BASKET OF FUCKING EASTER EGGSSSS! Oh, I’m sorry. Am I supposed to attend lectures that DO NOT EVEN EXIST?!

Pissssssss me off. And what irritated me the most is that it sounds like they are THREATENING to report me so I get deported. WHAT IS WRONGGGGGGG WITHHHH YOUUUU?!?! I only have two days of lecture per week for mighty’s sake! Godd!