First Trip to Olive & Bean

I’ve finally sat down for a coffee and a few slices of cakes. I can’t really recall the number of times I’ve walked past by this place, up and down Clayton Street. I would like to say some really nice things about this place, for example, the atmosphere was not bad at all. My friend who brought us here thought it was rather “posh” – Well I guess, that was subjective; we all have our own opinions. So I think it was just nice. Posh isn’t really my word of choice to describe this place, but I would describe Betty’s Tea Rooms at Harrogate (York) as posh.

There were four of us including me, and I would like to think that we all made a mistake of ordering ┬ácakes. We ordered four different ones, with the thought of trying out each four. I don’t remember exactly what they were, but I do remember some bits off it; popcorn and salted caramel, honeycomb, raspberry chocolate cheesecake (if I am not mistaken), and almond slices.


Brulee latte, which was very nice, and popcorn and salted caramel toffee slice.

We all thought they were extremely sweet. Too sweet. It wasn’t a nice experience at all. The sweetness almost killed my sense of taste, and sort-off made everything else taste mediocre. You know that feeling when you’ve had too many sweet things that your mind, body and conscious all tell you to down a bottle of water? Yeah, it felt like every tissue and organ in my body demanded me to find water, immediately. Of course we all hate waste, but we couldn’t finish our slices for all the same reason; they were just too sweet. It was excruciatingly too sweet, I fear for my health and well-being. We joked (or we thought we were joking) about who’s going to have to eat all the leftovers, I was scared my legs would start to go numb and rot. But I wasn’t joking, they tasted diabetic. I was scared. Diabetes isn’t something to joke about.

It seemed like all four cakes have the same chocolate base, with different toppings. Well, except for the raspberry cheesecake, it tasted a bit different from the rest. But I do think the three other slices tasted like they all have the same chocolate bases. Too sweet base and toppings. Hmm, not a very excellent combination. Do I think they need to re-evaluate their recipe? Yes, I do.


Nonetheless, I do think my brulee latte was quite nice. And because it was my first experience at Olive and Bean, I wouldn’t do injustice based on their extremely sweet deserts. They do serve salads and sandwiches and other dishes and finger foods that I have not tried. As of for now, I don’t think I’ll be back for cakes. And sadly Mun and I won’t have much time left before we both move on, fly across to the other side of the world. Because I would definitely would love to take her to tea rooms and cafes that would definitely re-define her definition of posh.

Will I be back, Olive and Bean? Mmm, maybe. I don’t know. But definitely not for cakes.