I am starting to get anxious, somewhat nervous. Each time I think about where and what I will be in the next few months. I am thrilled, or maybe excited, or maybe something in between. I am not quite sure, exactly. I spent almost four years of my life away from the tropical heat, away from the need to be driven around, the need for permissions. Besides the need to get my driving license done and over with, I don’t know what I will be doing. I’m going to miss the bus rides. Personally, I would say everything is so convenient here. Mainly due to the fact that I am free from half of the obligations and responsibilities that I have when I am back. Like, family events that never seem to stop. Okay, maybe ‘obligations and responsibilities’ aren’t the right words for that. But anyway, I am not complaining. Its just that, I know that I need to be mentally prepared for the lack of freedom. Living with parents versus living on my own. See?

I have been procrastinating endlessly, buying things online like money grow on trees. Buying books like I am on a vacation. Well, its not wrong or anything. But come on, I buy two novels every other week, and haven’t even finished reading the first book I bought when I first got here in September, 2012? I get excited and get them almost immediately, regardless of time suitability. Like two weeks ago when Dan Brown’s Inferno was launched; my heart was beating so fast I got a copy almost immediately, and that was a week before my first paper?

I have a meeting tomorrow with my dissertation supervisor. And I am supposed to be working on my dissertation right now. So okay. Until next time.