I was just taking one of my too many breaks from writing my thesis some 15-20 minutes ago. I went on Facebook and saw one of my Malaysian acquaintance’s post about an apparently infamous couple in Malaysia, Vivian and Alvin, which I’ve never heard of in my life until a few moments ago. Being the curious cat that I am (becuase it looked super controversial) I looked them up on Google and found pages, list long of news; actually has been going on since mid-July. I have just read three to 4 articles regarding this, so I may have missed some information which may cause my discussion and judgement to be somewhat.. Flawed. But yet enough to provide me with the motivation to blog and express my personal opinion.

The duo, Alvin and Vivian, in one article were dubbed as a notorious couple, and in almost all of the search matches on Google have ‘sex bloggers’ associated with them; not that it mattered. But I just thought it would be interesting, as it was to me. Haha. Okay, they were recently charged for Sedition Act having posted an offensive photo, believed to intentionally offend the Muslims (in Malaysia). They MAY be charged with 15 years imprisonment; in the meantime, as I type, they are in jail without bail. Please Google it up, if you’d like to know more.

I actually hesitated about writing about this issue, I may have some opinions but not enough to motivate me to ACTUALLY last writing my thoughts due to lack of enthusiasm, because I haven’t been following this issue. And I shouldn’t be expressing my opinion based on ONE article (which were evidently flawed, prejudiced, etc. after reading the other articles), especially about something so controversial. But particularly because it could easily turn out so messed up and can easily appear insensitive, arising from my lack of knowledge regarding this seditious issue, let alone, know anything about this couple. They posted a picture of themselves berbuka puasa, with what appear to be a pork dish. So, what actually instigated the need for me to write, was/is this statement or caption the couple wrote for the picture, which I found on Yahoo (the last article I promised myself to read before going back to my thesis; which also was a deciding factor whether I should commence my work or blog):


I understand how this issue has sparked so much rage, wrath and anger. But I don’t really get how easily this has escalated into the need to be racist, and throw hate, threatening and violent comments; so much hatred, which I have read and came across relating to this issue against the other race, and religion. Do we really need this? Some people may not agree, but I just feel that we need to be more civil, and be the better one. I am not saying that we should be ignoring this matter, as it is definitely, undoubtedly, disrespectful, insensitive and certainly seditious. Shame on them. Its appalling. But I just think we (as a fellow Muslim) could have handled it (way) better; in a more refined, yet opinionated way as you need to be. Why the need to throw vulgarity, threats, profanity, and be barbaric? We’ve got enough bad paint from the media; this just adds on to the already contaminated image of our religion (or/and race). Its just apalling how we behave. Maybe we should reflect on ourselves, how we conduct ourselves for a moment.

I guess this post isn’t about what I think about the couple, at all. As I approach the end of this post, I realised why I hesistated to write was because I had so little knowledge about the issue to be commenting about how people were reacting. But the photo caption, I guess, has given me some idea of the reasons for such responses and reactions. What this couple did was definitely provocative in so many ways. But here’s what I think; I definitely agree it was offensive, insensitive and unquestionably disrespectful of them. But that’s just so much I could produce from the top of my mind. Other than the fact that I am actually more shocked at how frivolous much of the responses are/were; I have no further opinion for me to go on writing or thinking. I am in no way saying that people are over-reacting. No, not at all. People have all the rights to be aggravated. I am just saying, we could have been better at handling how we approach the issue. Like I said before, refined. I guess its more about our conduct.

I may not be Malaysian. But I said ‘we’ because I am a Muslim.